Elevation! “Artists For Light” introduces a unique private & public endeavor. The world’s largest work of art. Imagine the opportunity to participate in a project so large as to encompass 12.1 miles of canvass; with an annual impression exposure in excess of 25,000,000. A work of art that touches everyone with the joy of light, sound, & sensation, all the while interacting with participants to instill a sense of community, ownership & pride.

A4L is a social endeavor. We want participants who can grasp the concept of a single greater good; whose achievement touches all, allowing everyone to participate & benefit, each to their own ability.


Artists For Light has set  a unified concept for the project. We present a theme which represents  a larger than life view. Both day & night sky present a palette for personal interpretations. The audience receives a very personal & unique communication from the experience. The experience becomes an opportunity to exercise the  subconscious mind which contributes to its interpretation.

Elevation incorporates the reality of the environment. We embrace the massiveness the elevated structure by making it an integral part of the work. Reality interacts with the display on many levels via sound, vibration, & actual participation. The massiveness of the system is incorporated as a part of the functional design. During daylight, when a train passes the sky darkens, clouds appear, rain & thunder follow the passing train & are gone just as fast. In the evening, the passing is represented as a comet hurling through the night sky. Dynamic participation is the key.